Benvenuti nel sito ufficiale del Cammino Fogazzaro-Roi (CFR): 80Km di cammino lungo stradine argini e sentieri della provincia di Vicenza fra tesori di arte e natura nei luoghi narrati dal famoso romanziere.

  • bacheca-montegalda
  • Montegalda Villa Gualdo
  • Montegalda Castello Montegalda
  • Campagne basso vicentino
  • Montegalda Villa Fogazzaro Roi Colbachini facciata
  • Ansa lungo il fiume Bacchiglione a Montegalda
  • Vicenza Villa Rotonda primaverile
  • Vicenza Villa Rotonda
  • Vicenza veduta Monte Berico
  • Vicenza Villa Valmarana Nani
  • Vicenza Villa Valmarana Nani particolare
  • Vicenza panorama
  • Vicenza panorama centro
  • Vicenza portici inferiori Monte Berico
  • Vicenza Campo Marzo OrnellaFrigo
  • Vicenza Piazza Signori aerea
  • Dueville argine Bacchiglione
  • Dueville Villa da Porto Pedrotti
  • Villaverla Villa Ghellini
  • Marano Vicentino sentiero
  • Santorso santuario da Oasi Rossi
  • Santorso Villa Rossi giardino
  • Piovene passaggio centro
  • Velo d Astico panorama da ex ferrovia
  • PonteDellaPria Arsiero
  • Tonezza paese
  • Tonezza capriolo
  • Tonezza Valle Ciliegi
  • Tonezza escursionisti
  • The CFR at the starting gate

    An information board in Montegalda marks the start of the Fogazzaro-Roi Trail, a thrilling 80km adventure following the rivers across the plains near Vicenza then climbing up towards Tonezza

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  • Villa Gualdo in Montegalda

    The Fogazzaro-Roi Trail starts near Villa Gualdo, home to Montegalda's town council
  • Montegalda Castle

    The Grimani-Sorlini Castle, symbol of the town, stands atop one of the seven hills of Montegalda
  • Countryside south of Vicenza

    The Fogazzaro Trail lures us away from the frenetic pace of everyday life, it encourages us to rediscover our own natural rhythms in complete freedom, to get back in touch with our roots and commune with nature
  • Villa Fogazzaro Roi Colbachini

    At the start of the CFR, in Montegalda, lies the villa which belonged to the famous writer's grandfather; the grounds display wonderful examples of English and Italian landscaped gardens

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  • Along the River Bacchiglione

    The Fogazzaro-Roi Trail initially follows the River Bacchiglione, seen here as it meanders between Montegalda and Longare
  • Villa Capra known as "La Rotonda"

    Andrea Palladio's signature villa lies on the route of the CFR and can be easily seen from the bike path along the Riviera Berica just before entering Vicenza 

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  • Villa Capra known as "La Rotonda"

    Andrea Palladio's signature villa lies on the route of the CFR and can be easily seen from the bike path along the Riviera Berica just before entering Vicenza

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  • View of Monte Berico

    The Sanctuary to the Madonna of Monte Berico can be seen from the bike path along the Riviera Berica, just outside Vicenza

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  • Villa Valmarana ai Nani

    Along a cobbled lane flanked by stout walls, the CFR takes in the Villa Valmarana ai Nani, where stunning frescoes by Tiepolo can be seen

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  • Villa Valmarana ai Nani

    The villa goes by the name “Ai Nani” (the dwarves) to differentiate it from other villas belonging to the same family. It owes this name to the stone statues of dwarves which once stood in the garden and are now lined up along the boundary wall

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  • View of Vicenza

    A small detour will bring you to the Sanctuary of Monte Berico and the nearby Piazzale della Vittoria with its breathtaking views of the city and its mountains

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  • Aerial view of Vicenza

    Enjoy the view of Vicenza from Piazzale della Vittoria: the Basilica stands out amidst the church towers

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  • The Arcades of Monte Berico

    The CFR passes through the Arcades of Monte Berico, a charming walk leading to the Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna of Monte Berico

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  • Campo Marzo

    As we complete our descent from Monte Berico we head towards the centre of Vicenza, passing Campo Marzo, one of the city's largest parks

  • Piazza dei Signori and the historic city centre of Vicenza

    The CFR takes you through the centre of Vicenza where you can visit some of the city's greatest monuments and Antonio Fogazzaro's birthplace

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  • Along the riverbanks

    The CFR leaves Vicenza and continues through the countryside along the banks of the River Bacchiglione and the Timonchio, passing through the beautiful springs near Caldogno, Dueville, and Villaverla

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  • Villa da Porto Pedrotti

    In Vivaro di Dueville the CFR goes past Villa Da Porto, a Palladian villa dating back to 1552. There are other historical villas in the area

  • Villa Ghellini

    In the municipality of Villaverla you can stop to admire the most important work of Vicentine architect Antonio Pizzocaro

  • The CFR in Marano Vicentino

    After the springs, the CFR comes to Marano Vicentino, the first local council to open a detour route to welcome visitors to its town. We are at the halfway stage

  • The CFR in Santorso

    The sanctuary at the foot of Monte Summano dominates Santorso and here the CFR leaves the Vicenza plain to start its climb into the mountains

  • Villa Rossi in Santorso

    It is worth visiting the romantic park in Villa Rossi, built by the industrialist and politician Alessandro Rossi di Schio in the late nineteenth century. The entrance to the park lies along the CFR

  • The CFR in Piovene Rocchette

    This a charming part of the CFR through the winding, narrow streets in Piovene situated at the foot of Monte Summano, like Santorso

  • Along Piovene Rocchette-Arsiero bike path

    One of the most beautiful sections of the CFR runs along the old Rocchette-Arsiero railway line which is now an unpaved bike path, taming you through lush green scenery with breathtaking views of the lower Astico Valley and the surrounding mountains. The route continues as far as Velo d'Astico

  • Along the River Astico

    From Velo d'Astico to Barcarola the CFR runs along the River Astico, and crosses the wonderful natural pools near “Ponte della Pria” which are very popular during the hot summer months

  • The grand finale

    The last stage of the CFR stretches from Barcarola and climbs up to Tonezza at 1,000 metres, following the old road which is now closed to traffic. For the fitter amongst you, a steep path will cut out the numerous hairpin bends in the road

  • Chance meetings

    As you quietly walk the last section of the CFR you may well spy a deer grazing in the woods near Tonezza...or even in the gardens

  • Tonezza's charm

    Antonio Fogazzaro was bewitched by the natural beauty of Tonezza and this pleasant little spot still has the power to charm. There could not be a better final destination for the CFR. You can continue through the town centre along the Sentiero Fogazzariano and come back through the wonderful Valle dei ciliegi

  • Come and enjoy the CFR!

    Thanks to the generous support of its volunteers, the Associazione Cammini Veneti has created the CFR and now it's ready and waiting! We hope it will be enjoyed by many and look forward to meeting you. Happy walking!

The Stages of the Cammino Fogazzaro Roi

Explore the entire 80km trail which takes you from the countryside near Montegalda, south of Vicenza, along river banks and footpaths, through the city of Vicenza and then on past the stunning freshwater springs to reach the Valle dell'Astico, finally climbing 1000 metres to Tonezza del Cimone

Discover the trail


Stage 1

Montegalda - Vicenza

Stage 2

Vicenza - Marano Vicentino

Stage 3

Marano Vicentino - Velo d'Astico

Stage 4

Velo d'Astico - Tonezza del Cimone

The updated route of the Cammino Fogazzaro Roi is online, with some variations, in particular in Longare and Arsiero.

  1. In Longare there is now the Costozza crossing, also known as the "Pearl of the Berici Hills" for its architectural and landscape beauties. (stage 1).
  2. Some small variations around Debba (stage 1).
  3. Elimination of the passage along the Timonchio embankment beyond Villaverla (stage 2).
  4. Slightly modified route for the entrance to Santorso (stage 3).
  5. In Arsiero, a new route that passes through Ponte della Pria, remaining on the right orographic embankment of the Astico stream (stage 4).

CRS argine

Cammini Veneti has been working for some time on the creation of the second Route, the Rigoni Stern route, dedicated to the famous writer of the Asiago Plateau - 7 Comuni, born on November 1, 1921. 2021 is therefore the year of the centenary of his birth.
The path starts from the Olympic Academy of Vicenza (Mario Rigoni Stern was an Olympic academic) to get to Asiago, initially following the Tesina embankment (later Astico), crossing the small Bregonze plateau, reaching the plateau of the 7 Municipalities climbing from Cogollo del Cengio, using in the final stretch the cycle / pedestrian path along the old disused railway Piovene Rocchette-Asiago.

As for the C.F.R., also for the C.R.S. we have tried to create a route immersed in nature as much as possible, avoiding busy roads as much as possible.

To date, provisional signs have been affixed, as some sections of the route are not yet definitive. The route measures about 80Km, a length similar to that of the C.F.R.

Our goal is to inaugurate the Rigoni Stern Walk on the occasion of the centenary of his birth. Follow our Facebook page to stay informed on all updates relating to the C.R.S.


The path of the provisional CRS (in blue) and that of the CFR (in red)

  • What is the CFR and where is it situated?

    The Cammino Fogazzaro Roi is an 80km trail stretching from Montegalda to Tonezza in the province of Vicenza. It ascends around 1,000 metres, but most of the climb (around 80%) is in the section from Velo d'Astico to Tonezza del Cimone. The walk is mainly off-road, along paths, river embankments, dirt tracks, and minor roads. The route is waymarked with brown metal signs, red and white stickers, or red and white paint.
  • Why the CFR?

    The trail was devised by the Associazione Cammini Veneti to take in some of the most stunning countryside around Vicenza and especially those places described by the writer Antonio Fogazzaro, and with connections to his great-grandson, Giuseppe Roi, a man of immense culture and patron of the arts. Cammini Veneti's main aim is to create well-signed, long distance walks in the countryside and hills in our area, offering stunning scenery and cultural insights. While there are already many walking and hiking trails in the mountain areas, the hills and countryside remain relatively undiscovered and despite the unfortunate encroachment of built-up areas in recent years, there is still a wealth of beauty to be explored.
  • When can I walk the trail?

    You can walk the trail any time of year but the best times are probably in spring and autumn.
  • How can I do the trail?

    You can walk or cycle the trail; no special equipment is required (you will need walking boots, and maybe poles and a backpack) and there are plenty of services along the way (bars, restaurants, B&Bs, hotels and farmstays but there are no campsites).

The credenziale, or record of your walk, is issued by the Associazione Cammini Veneti to all those wishing to complete the route and enjoy the places celebrated by the Vicentino writer Antonio Fogazzaro and much-cherished by his great-grandson the Marquess Giuseppe Roi.

To obtain your credenziale please contact the Associazione Cammini Veneti: - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or the Consorzio Vicenzaè: - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or download and print it from here: pdfcredenzialeCFR.pdf1.28 MB

The sigilli

The credenziale is stamped (the Italian word for stamp is sigillo) along the way at town halls, churches, inns and restaurants, and proves that the bearer has passed through the four stages of the trail. A certificate showing you have completed the walk can be requested to Alimentari "Da Paolo" Via Roma 79 (100 mt after the municipal buiding) Tel. +39 0445 749013

  • From the great slopes of our mountains to our poetic sea shores, nature has lavished on us so many scenes of incomparable beauty that we may imagine any kind of scene set there, from the most grim to the most hilarious! […] only a very few observe our natural surroundings.

    Antonio Fogazzaro
  • The spur that bears Vena di Fonte Alta stretches forward from the base of Picco Astore, its twin horns facing the great stone quarry of Villascura. Towering above the abyss that encircles them, the pine forests and beech groves of Vena wave against a background of sky, spotted here and there with pale emerald, where the fields press them asunder and overflow, and dotted with red and white where small houses are huddled together in groups.

    Antonio Fogazzaro
    from his novel Piccolo mondo moderno (The Man of the World)
  • My books are drawn in part from other books, in part from the truth in things, and in part from the depths of my own soul; because my soul, too, is a sky filled with shadows and stars which rise and set and rise again without rest, and therein lies an abyss so deep that not even the inner eye can penetrate it.

    Antonio Fogazzaro
  • They reached in silence an open space, whence one path ran to the right, across the fields, towards Villascura and Cortis's house; another sloped away to the left towards the torrent of Rovese, opposite to the naked, overhanging boulders of Monte Barco; and a third ran straight to the three tall firs, which overlooked the valley, from the edge of a steep declivity. He went straight on towards the fir-trees.

    Antonio Fogazzaro
    from his novel Daniele Cortis
  • Only a thin, silver rim of the moon reddish globe was still shining when they once more ascended the dark terrace. In the restless air, the swaying of the roses, indistinctly heard, sounded like the voices of desire and pain. The sprays seen but indistinctly, waving from side to side, seemed like the arms of staggering blind men.

    Antonio Fogazzaro
    from his novel Piccolo mondo moderno (The Man of the World)
  • The delicately arched brow of Torraro divided the space that yawned between Priaforà and Caviogio, whose black and might outlines swept downwards majestically, like the flowing robes of giant monarchs. His thirsting soul found comfort in the brooding peace of the scene.

    Antonio Fogazzaro
    from his novel Leila

The CFR Route

Mappa completa CFRMap of the Cammino Fogazzaro-Roi, over 80km from Montegalda to Tonezza del Cimone, passing through the city of Vicenza

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confronto-tappeA basic overview of the four stages to discover all the features of the route through 16 towns in the province of Vicenza

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gps-portatileDownload GPS tracks to walk along the CFR with your GPS navigation device or your smartphone/tablet

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