The Rigoni Stern route is coming

CRS argine

Cammini Veneti has been working for some time on the creation of the second Route, the Rigoni Stern route, dedicated to the famous writer of the Asiago Plateau - 7 Comuni, born on November 1, 1921. 2021 is therefore the year of the centenary of his birth.
The path starts from the Olympic Academy of Vicenza (Mario Rigoni Stern was an Olympic academic) to get to Asiago, initially following the Tesina embankment (later Astico), crossing the small Bregonze plateau, reaching the plateau of the 7 Municipalities climbing from Cogollo del Cengio, using in the final stretch the cycle / pedestrian path along the old disused railway Piovene Rocchette-Asiago.

As for the C.F.R., also for the C.R.S. we have tried to create a route immersed in nature as much as possible, avoiding busy roads as much as possible.

To date, provisional signs have been affixed, as some sections of the route are not yet definitive. The route measures about 80Km, a length similar to that of the C.F.R.

Our goal is to inaugurate the Rigoni Stern Walk on the occasion of the centenary of his birth. Follow our Facebook page to stay informed on all updates relating to the C.R.S.


The path of the provisional CRS (in blue) and that of the CFR (in red)

New improvements to the C.F.R.

The updated route of the Cammino Fogazzaro Roi is online, with some variations, in particular in Longare and Arsiero.

  1. In Longare there is now the Costozza crossing, also known as the "Pearl of the Berici Hills" for its architectural and landscape beauties. (stage 1).
  2. Some small variations around Debba (stage 1).
  3. Elimination of the passage along the Timonchio embankment beyond Villaverla (stage 2).
  4. Slightly modified route for the entrance to Santorso (stage 3).
  5. In Arsiero, a new route that passes through Ponte della Pria, remaining on the right orographic embankment of the Astico stream (stage 4).

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We apologize for the inconvenience we are trying to solve as soon as possible.

Waiting to be available again on Google Play, you can download it with your Android device at this link: apk file
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: detour at Stage Two in Villaverla

deviazione villaverla 2015

Please notice: road works are currently in progress in the Strada Pedemontana Veneta between Villaverla and Malo (Stage Two Vicenza-Marano of the CFR Route).

It is therefore compulsory to follow the detour signed up in the route map.

At the crossroads before the cimitery in Villaverla, turn right into Via Fratel Faccin, go straight on Via EinaudiVia Bassi, and finally Via Losca. You will arrive in the original section of the route at the bridge on the River Timonchio (in Via Losca - Via Borgo Redentore).

The detour has already been signed up along the route. We will mask the trail markings in the interrupted section while waiting for its reopening.

deviazione villaverla 2015

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