Benvenuti nel sito ufficiale del Cammino Fogazzaro-Roi (CFR): 80Km di cammino lungo stradine argini e sentieri della provincia di Vicenza fra tesori di arte e natura nei luoghi narrati dal famoso romanziere.

New improvements to the C.F.R.

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The updated route of the Cammino Fogazzaro Roi is online, with some variations, in particular in Longare and Arsiero.

  1. In Longare there is now the Costozza crossing, also known as the "Pearl of the Berici Hills" for its architectural and landscape beauties. (stage 1).
  2. Some small variations around Debba (stage 1).
  3. Elimination of the passage along the Timonchio embankment beyond Villaverla (stage 2).
  4. Slightly modified route for the entrance to Santorso (stage 3).
  5. In Arsiero, a new route that passes through Ponte della Pria, remaining on the right orographic embankment of the Astico stream (stage 4).

CFR Costozza

The CFR in Longare with the new route that crosses Costozza

CFR Arsiero

The CFR in Arsiero with the new route that passes through Ponte della Pria.

The CFR Route

Mappa completa CFRMap of the Cammino Fogazzaro-Roi, over 80km from Montegalda to Tonezza del Cimone, passing through the city of Vicenza

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confronto-tappeA basic overview of the four stages to discover all the features of the route through 16 towns in the province of Vicenza

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