Benvenuti nel sito ufficiale del Cammino Fogazzaro-Roi (CFR): 80Km di cammino lungo stradine argini e sentieri della provincia di Vicenza fra tesori di arte e natura nei luoghi narrati dal famoso romanziere.

The Stages of the Cammino

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Stage 1


  • Montegalda
  • Vicenza
  • Montegalda
  • Easy. Almost completely flat.

21.6 Km


Stage 2


  • Vicenza
  • Marano Vicentino
  • Caldogno
    Marano Vicentino
  • Easy. Completely flat.

25.3 Km


Stage 3


  • Marano Vicentino
  • Velo d'Astico
  • Marano Vicentino
    Piovene Rocchette
    Velo d'Astico
  • Easy. Some climbs and descents.

20.3 Km


Stage 4


  • Velo d'Astico
  • Tonezza del Cimone
  • Velo d'Astico
    Tonezza del Cimone
  • Hard. 700m ellevation towards the end.

16.7 Km




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GPS tracks, maps and route descriptions may contain errors due to the instrumentation used. Route conditions may change over time due to overgrowth, snowfalls, subsidence, roadworks, etc. All information contained in maps, GPS tracks, and roadbooks should be taken as approximate, as for any topographic map. Great care should especially be taken with tracks in bad weather or when visibilty is reduced. Routes may also pass through private property or potentially dangerous stretches of road, where traffic is heavy or there may be a danger of accidents happening (exposed sections in the mountains or canals with no barrier protection, etc.). The Associazione Cammini Veneti urges those using the tracks, maps and roadbooks to use the information carefully and not to be over-reliant on GPS tools. The Associazione Cammini Veneti declines all responsibility with regard to the use of GPS tracks downloaded from this site.

GPS tracks last updated: May 2021

Always check you have the most recently updated GPS tracks before setting out on the Cammino Fogazzaro Roi.

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The CFR Route

Mappa completa CFRMap of the Cammino Fogazzaro-Roi, over 80km from Montegalda to Tonezza del Cimone, passing through the city of Vicenza

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confronto-tappeA basic overview of the four stages to discover all the features of the route through 16 towns in the province of Vicenza

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gps-portatileDownload GPS tracks to walk along the CFR with your GPS navigation device or your smartphone/tablet

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