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About us

camminatoriOur association, Sportiva Dilettantistica Culturale Cammini Veneti was founded in 2014, the brainchild of a group of friends with a shared passion for hiking, trekking, rambling and Nordic Walking. It aims to create long trails in the area where we live (the province of Vicenza in the Veneto region).

Statuto dell’associazione Cammini Venetipdf– Associazione Cammini Veneti’s articles of association and by-laws (Italian)

Founder members

We would like to briefly introduce our members:

Andrea Cevese


Andrea CeveseAndrea Cevese has always been a keen nature lover and sports enthusiast, above all mountain sports. He began walking longer trails in 2005 (the Way of St. James, the Way of Le Puy, the Francigena Way and the Anaunia Way). He believes that local culture and natural heritage are the ideal soil for a person’s roots to thrive in. After his diploma in Classical Studies he graduated in Law and has lived abroad for several years. He works freelance.

Paola Franco

Vice Chairwoman

paola francoPaola Franco, is a keen nature and animal lover. She enjoys walking and exploring new places in her free time. After walking the Way of St. Francis in 2013 she tackled the Way of St. James. She is a freelance professional with previous experience in local government and works in a variety of ways to promote local culture and natural heritage. She deals with organisational and administrative aspects for the association.

Vladimiro Riva

Board member

vladimiro-rivaAs head of the Vicenzaè Tourist Board, Vladimiro Riva has spent years working to promote tourism in the area of Vicenza. His schemes and projects include the development of the Denominazione Comunali (De.Co.), a regional mark of quality to promote local produce, the campaign for the recognition of Unesco World Heritage Sites in Vicenza and its province, and his work to have the Basilica Palladiana listed as a national monument. He is a founder member and brings his wide experience to bear on all aspects of the association.

Remo Longin

Board member

Remo LonginRemo Longin is an athletics coach and Nordic Walking instructor, joint owner of a fitness centre and a keen hiker. He has devised “the green way”, nature walks designed to encourage people to connect with their natural environment. These walks include the “Giro delle Chiesette Prealpine” in the foothills of the Alps near Vicenza, the route from Folgaria to Venice along the E5 European long distance trail, and the regional R2 bike-pedestrian path along riverbanks in the Veneto region. He advises the association on technical and sport matters.

Chiara Faresin

Board member

Chiara FaresinChiara Faresin is a keen lover of art, landscape and cultural tourism and has travelled widely in Italy and abroad. She prepared the texts on Antonio Fogazzaro and his grandson Roi, and the analysis of the novels set in the area around Vicenza. After taking a degree in Economics and a career in business, she also graduated in Art History, a subject which she is qualified to teach.

Cecilia Calgaro

Board member

cecilia calgaroCecilia Calgaro is a keen nature lover and traveller and her delight in exploring other cultures has taken her abroad for several years. She walked the Way of St. James in 2010 and immediately fell under its spell. Thanks to the Associazione Cammini Veneti she combines her passions with her professional experience in the field of public relations.

Rosanna Cerato

Board member

rosanna ceratoRosanna Cerato is a keen lover of nature, dogs, art and children and was thrilled to walk the Way of St. James. She works in business administration but prefers flowers and treks to numbers and figures. She has an administrative role within the association.

Diego Capitanio

Board member

diego capitanioDiego Capitanio has an innate passion…nature, the environment, walking and enjoying the outdoors. He is a member of the mountaineering group Alpi Trivenete. He loves scenery and landscapes, getting to know people, sharing knew ways of life, respect for the environment, the mountains and people. In 2007 he began walking and cycling: Via dei Borboni, the Way of St. James, the Way of St. Francis, The Francigena Way..-and that was just the start. Happy walking! He is responsible for the routes and waymarking in the association.

Erik Umberto Pretto

Board member

erik prettoErik Umberto Pretto is studying engineering and works in local government. He loves his land and the traditions of the people who live there. He has completed the Way of St. James and noticed how proper management of local resources, especially its history, its natural heritage and locally sourced food and wine products, can have positive economic and cultural effects on the local community.

Maurizio Dal Ferro

Board member

maurizio dal ferroMaurizio Dal Ferro, is a keen lover of the mountains in both winter and summer and a competent sailor. He is also a keen birdwatcher. He has worked for many years in international institutions. He is a freelance consultant on EU financing and uses his experience for the enhancement of the Veneto area.

Renzo Priante

Board member

Renzo PrianteRenzo Priante, architect, has worked for a long time as an architect and urban planner in the enhancement of the territory of the Alto Vicentino that he knows in depth. He designed the renovation of the Park of Villa Rossi, the High Path of Cogollo del Cengio, created the paths around the little lake of Posina, written a Guide to the Cammino Fogazzaro Roi in the village of Piovene Rocchette. He writes and lectures on the history and culture of the Alto Vicentino area.

Giorgio Marchetto

Board member

Giorgio MarchettoGiorgio Marchetto has long been a keen mountaineer and runner, in and around the mountains near Vicenza. He works as a freelance web designer for tourism-based sites and creator of multimedia applications (panoramic photos and virtual tours, web mapping applications), and he deals with these technical aspects for our association.

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