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“Fogazzaro” Nordic Walking Park in Velo d’Astico

Itinerario Fogazzariano Velo d'Astico

The “Fogazzaro” Nordic Wallking Park, which opened on Saturday July 6, 2013, offers a choice of two circuits:

The Fogazzaro Route in Velo d’Astico (6.5 km)

The route takes in points of cultural interest including the three villas connected to Fogazzaro: Villa Carrè Ciscato, Villa Velo, and Villa Montanina. The houses may only be viewed from the outside however guided tours with prof. G. M. Filosofo may be arranged by appointment, and include entrance to the exhibition on Fogazzaro in the ex-primary school in Lago.

The historical-artistic Route in Meda (16.6 km)

The route begins outside the St. George’s medieval church, which can be viewed from the outside, then proceeds to Meda, with the Salita del Castello where Ezzelino il Tiranno lived in reclusion for a time, then up to the Madonna Shrine, situated halfway up to Summano summit; the route drops down and then up again to the Cross, built from bits of shrapnel from World War I; it passes through “Croxe de la Pasion” in Rialbo and then back to the starting point; this walk is suited to persons with good levels of fitness.

Itinerario Fogazzariano Velo d'AsticoThe Fogazzaro Route in Velo d’Astico3D map of the Route


The Fogazzaro Route and selected locations

1 Velo-Seghe ex-railway station 
2 “Passo di Rovese” (Seghe)
3 “Villa Carrè” (Villa Valmarana)
4 Rocchette-Arsiero ex-railway station (1933)
5 “Villascura” (Velo d’Astico)
6 “Balcone Fogazzaro” (Velo)
7 “Colle del Castello” in Velo
8 Sts. Martin and George Church (1773)
9 “Villa Cortis” (Villa Velo)
10 Costolo
11 Nogarole
12 Meneghetti’s Shrine (1896)
13 Fogazzaro photo exhibition
14 “Lago Villa Cortis” (Peschiera)
15 Villa Montanina – Fogazzaro Route
16 Memorial stone to Conte Brandolino Brandolini d’Adda (volunteer during the Great War and only Member of Parliament who died on the battlefield)
17 “Il Boschetto” (Millepini)
18 “La fabbrica”

Itinerario storico artistico MedaThe Historical-artistic Route in Meda3D map of the Route


The historical-artistic Route and selected locations

1 Velo-Seghe ex-railway station
2 Langobardic St. George’s Parish Church
3 Crossing keeper’s box in Meda
4 “Colle del Castello” in Meda
5 “Le Schiave”
6 Crossroads in Poggio di Curegno
7 Crossroads at the Vallina Shrine up to Monte Summano
8 Shrine up to Monte Summano
9 Memorial stone to Captain Antonio Trua (who died in Poggio on 12 June 1916 and was awarded the gold Medal for Gallantry) in Poggio di Curegno
10 Contrà Curegno
11 Contrà Masi
12 Contrà Costa
13 Contrà Peon
14 “Croxe de la Pasion” (Croce di Rialbo)
Inaugurazione Nordic Walking Park a Velo d'Astico

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