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Walking quotes


The exhilaration of walking

[…] this is what it means to journey on foot: the unexpected, the unforeseen; anyone who surrenders to the walk will find themselves in the same state, fragile and totally dependent you are in that fragile and dependent. There is an incredible chain of cause and casual coincidence and a wealth of encounters connected to them. […] as I see it, the real meaning of the journey, and the journey on foot in particular, lies in the personal effort you are implicitly required to put in when you commune with nature, the world, humankind […] In fact, walking is, first and foremost, a journey of sincerity, because of the sacrifices you have to make and because of its intrinsic nature […] it goes without saying that there is a diffidence in the city that has not contaminated the countryside, hospitality is usually spontaneous, doors and hearts open up far more often than they close. The foot traveller, bearer of dreams and adventures, receives much more than he gives […]

Emeric Fisset, L’ebbrezza del camminare (The Exhilaration of Walking), Edicicloeditore, 2012

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